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Your Real Estate Professionals

Do you really have all the time, energy, information and contacts to properly market and sell your home on your own? Would the process be a smooth one? Would you have any time to focus on your personal life? Would you be able to get the best price for your home? Below we have listed just a few areas in which we believe a real estate professional truly earns their commission:


A real estate professional is best suited to determine a pricing strategy for your property. You don’t want to miss opportunities by overpricing or undervaluing your property. Knowledge about the surrounding areas, pricing trends, local information, and experience will ensure you are getting the best price for your home.


A real estate professional has many ways to effectively market your property. Proven marketing methods include flyers, signs, open houses, the internet, local newspapers, and listing with the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The choice of media and frequency of advertising depends a lot on the home and specific market. Overexposure of a property in any media may give a buyer the impression the property is distressed or the seller is desperate. A qualified real estate professional will know when, where and how to advertise your property.

Marketing also includes the exposure of your home to other real estate professionals. Many real estate sales are cooperative sales. That means that another real estate professional brings in the buyer through the advertising your real estate professional has done in the MLS, open houses and office meetings.

Preparation is critical to marketing your property effectively. A real estate professional is best suited to recommend repairs and cosmetic work that will significantly enhance the salability of your home.


When the property is marketed with the help of a real estate professional, you avoid allowing strangers into your home. Real estate professionals will accompany and will generally pre-screen qualified prospects through your property. This increases your safety and allows for any last minute preparation.


Your real estate professional can assist you with objectively evaluating every buyer’s proposal without compromising your market position. This initial agreement is only the start of a process that involves appraisals, inspections, and financing – and a lot of potential obstacles. Your real estate professional can

help you write a legally binding agreement that will be more likely to make it through this complicated process.

Monitoring, Renegotiating and Closing

Between the initial sales agreement and closing/settlement, questions may arise. For example, unexpected repairs are sometimes required to obtain financing or a concern with the title could potentially be uncovered. The required paperwork alone is intimidating for most sellers. Your real estate professional is the best person to objectively help you resolve these issues and move the transaction to closing/settlement.

Your real estate professional can also meet with other professionals involved in the transaction process. Their industry contacts can make sure any unforeseen issues are handled reliably and quickly.

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