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Military Buyers 

Owning a Home…..
The American Dream!

It’s your country. Now make it your real estate.

Military Buyers HomeDon’t use your BAH to pay someone else’s lease!  Paying RENT may not be in your best interest.  Landlords are civilian companies and are not part of the United States Government.

If you can rent, you can own a home-owning a home is much easier than you think. Owning your own home is a big part of the American dream.  For many, it’s a sign that you have “made it”—it’s yours, a smart investment, and a sign of who you are.  The Government wants you to think of your home as your own private tax shelter. Homeownership can actually put more money in your bank account. Thousands of other military families own a home.  Isn’t it time you move up and join them?

Basic Allowance for Housing


Military Cash Back Program

To express our appreciation to our military members, we offer a military cashback program if you allow us to help you buy or sell your Colorado home.

Zahl Team Military
Bonus Program

$0 – $500,000


$500,000 & Up



The Zahl Team Military Cash Back Program* is available to ALL active duty and retired military personnel, and allows a bonus of up to $1,000!

Sell and Buy a home and receive up to $2,000!

  • Cash bonus does not apply to those transactions where a referral fee is due.
  • Cash bonus paid only on full fee structure transactions.
  • This Program must be requested at the initial appointment.